2019 Colorado Services Only -- EMS Leadership Academy, April & June, Crested Butte Mountain Resort

When: April 9 - April 12, 2019
Where: Crested Butte Mountain Resort
            12 Snowmass Road
            Mt. Crested Butte, CO 81225
Fee: $3,400.00 – COLORADO SERVICES ONLY PLEASE. Fee includes tuition, course materials, lunch and snacks.
Prerequisite: COLORADO SERVICES ONLY PLEASE. Students must register for both sessions, unless special circumstances apply.

SESSION I:  APRIL 9-12, 2019
SESSION II: JUNE 4-7, 2019


All courses are held at the Crested Butte Mountain Resort, in Crested Butte, CO. The first part of the Academy, Session I, is held April 9-12, 2019. These four days of courses begin you with the everyday challenges facing EMS leaders by inverting the way you think about running an EMS organization. Learn to manage with leadership in mind. Topics addressed in Session I include:

How to blend the roles of both leading and managing and how to know the difference;
The essential components of a thriving ambulance service;
How the leader impacts recruitment and retention;
How to create an ambulance service culture people want to join;
Strategies for recruiting the right staff;
How to improve each member’s performance;
How to deal with troublemakers;
How to recruit today’s young people; and
How to strengthen the relationship with the medical director.

Session II addresses each participant’s personal leadership challenges, moving beyond management to the art and practice of leading. Leaders see destinations and inspire people to move toward those destinations. This session prepares you to reflect on the basics of leadership and the leadership tools of listening, imagining and storytelling. Specifically, this session addresses:

The characteristics of responsible leadership;
Barriers to leadership;
The ingredients to inspiring people to follow;
Using a council process to increase listening and talking;
Listening to what needs to change and imagining a future;
The EMS leader’s guide to storytelling;
How history continues to influences our actions and stories today;
Finding the time to lead;
Managing and leading up; and
How to lead and inspire generation X, Y, and Me.

The second part of the Academy, Session II, is held June 4-7, 2019. Become the best EMS leader you can be with advanced courses. Building upon the previous session, the EMS Leadership Academy Session II tackles moving the EMS organization forward, making a change and ensuring the organization avoids trouble and continues to be a place good people want to work. Specifically, this session addresses:

  • Identifying what really matters to you, your customers, the public and your organization;
  • Rethinking the entire concept of quality and how it applies in EMS;
  • Clarifying a destination that matters to what your organization does every day;
  • Understanding why change so difficult;
  • What is strategic alignment and who cares;
  • The Balanced Score Card as a tool for change and forward movement;
  • Working with measurements and variables; and
  • How to lead and manage change.

With a solid foundation in leadership, Session II participants set the agenda in a facilitated, retreat-style session that focuses specifically on each participant’s leadership roles and organizational challenges. Participants come with the specific challenges they are facing in their roles and in their organizations. Utilizing an “open space” format, participants choose the topics. Brief presentations are made on the topics and the balance of the allotted time is used to workshop each topic with discussion, exercises and the sharing of best (and worst) practices. In the process, each leader is able to workshop his or her leadership challenges.

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