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For all levels of EMTs and paramedics, emergency medical responders, physicians and nurses; and emergency dispatchers, EMS educators and researchers.

Benefits of Individual Membership

  • You are a member of the largest EMS-specific organization in Colorado—and have an impact on EMS in our state.
  • Huge discount at EMSAC's Colorado State EMS conference 
  • Discounts on equipment and supplies through Savvik a major equipment supplier 
  • Discounts on equipment and supplies through Grainger
  • Discounted membership in National Association of EMTs 
  • Complimentary American Income Life Insurance
  • Exclusive member-only updates on EMS news and current events 
  • The bi-monthly EMSAC Star Newsletter 


Advocacy ____________________________

As the only state organization dedicated solely to EMS, EMSAC serves you—and the EMS system. We speak with a unified voice to advocate the EMS system and the best care for our patients. The U.S. Congress, the Colorado Legislature, the Colorado Dept. of Public Health and Environment, allied organizations such as the Colorado Search and Rescue Board, Colorado State Fire Chiefs and the American College of Emergency Physicians have all heard from EMSAC on many occasions.

Whether it be legislation to protect EMS from assault or improve Medicaid rates, the operation of emergency vehicles, the development of the community paramedics; or the State planning the next ten year’s evolution of Colorado EMS, EMSAC offers the critical perspective of those who daily provide, manage and plan for emergency care. 

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Communication ___________________________

EMSAC’s newsletter is considered by many members as the most valuable association service and their reason for joining. The EMSAC Star concentrates on Colorado EMS, with articles about new emergency medical procedures and research, updates on changes in state EMS regulations and laws that affect you, as well as opinion pieces about this evolving profession. It offers professionals a place to “sound off” about critical issues in the profession.

Our EMU monthly member updates keep you current with new, useful information about events, conferences, federal news, trainings and changes in EMS that will affect you right away.

Education ____________________________________________   

EMSAC was founded to supply continuing education to meet the state-required needs of EMTs. We continue today. EMSAC's Colorado State EMS Conference is by far the largest and highest-quality EMS education conference in the region. It is the greatest value in EMS conferences in Colorado and known as one of the best in the nation.

EMSAC works with local EMS agencies and RETACs to bring to them seminars and courses difficult to do on a local scale. We produce annual EMS agency managers’  training and sponsor specialty educational events with hospitals, allied associations and EMS educators.

The Colorado EMS Educators Association was created in 2019, as an affiliated special interest group,  to serve the needs of EMS educators across the state.

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Individual Membership Pricing
  • 1-year Membership $40.00
  • 2-year Membership $70.00
  • 3-year Membership $90.00
  • 1 year Student Membership $10.00
  • Lifetime Membership $400.00