EMS Chiefs, Managers, and Directors

The EMS Chiefs, Managers and Directors Section is included for leaders of agencies that are a Group Member of EMSAC. EMS- CMD operates under its own bylaws and its president sits on the board of directors of EMSAC.

EMS-CMD was created in 2008 to specifically address topics of importance to managing EMS agencies and the people that do so. The first priorities were to:

  • Identify, and advocate best practices
  • Support joint EMS-CMD and EMSAC advocacy at the state and national levels;
  • Develop, sponsor and support enhanced EMS leadership training;
  • Identify payment sources, develop best practices and coordinate efforts to enhance cost accounting standards and improve reimbursement.


EMS-CMD meets quarterly during "committee day" of the State Emergency Medical and Trauma Services Advisory Council's (SEMTAC) meetings, at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.