EMSAC EMS Professionals’ Emergency Relief Fund

The catastrophic 6200-acre Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) and suburban wildfire in Boulder County, December 30, 2021, has prompted us to create a special program and fund to assist the EMS professionals that have been affected.

Please consider donating to this fund through our Colorado Gives account here.

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All professionals of the emergency medical services system in any capacity are eligible to apply for money to help alleviate the costs that may not be immediately covered in any other manner. For example:
EMS Professionals
Affiliated with
• EMTs
• Ambulance Service
• Paramedics
• SAR Team
• Physicians
• Air Ambulance
• Nurses
• Hospital ED
• Emergency Medical Responders
• Fire Department
• Advanced EMTs
• Rescue Squad/QRT
• Colorado EMT-Is


Request assistance or Agency/Facility Adopt-an-EMS-Family

The program for an EMS agency or facility to "adopt" an EMS professional and their family that needs assistance of any type (financial, human-power, hard goods, food, etc.).


 Please ask questions at [email protected].