Leadership and Staff

Board of Directors

EMSAC is governed by an elected board of four officers, 11 regional representatives and representatives from the EMS Chiefs, Managers and Directors Section and the Colorado EMS Educators Association, both specialty groups within EMSAC. The eleven regions are shown here.

See 2022 Election Results



Scott Sholes, 
(Current term 2022 - 2024)
Durango Fire Protection District
(970) 382-6039
scott dot sholes at 
durangofire dot org
Tom Anderson, 
Vice President

Current term 2022 - 2024
American Medical Response
(719) 371-8019
tom dot anderson at amr dot net
David Patterson, 
Current term: 2021 - 2023
*vacancy appointment 9/2022
Falck Rocky Mountain
(720) 857-7000 x200
David dot Patterson
at Falck dot com
Tim Dienst, 

Current term: 2021 - 2023
Ute Pass Regional Highway 
Health Services District.
(719) 686-6691
 tdienst at uprad dot org 
Nick Nudell, 
Region 1 Director
Current term: 2021 - 2023)
UCHealth Medical Center 
of the Rockies, 
Trauma Research
(760) 405-6869
nikiah dot nudell at uc health dot org
Paul Johnson
Region 2 Director
Current term: 2022 - 2024
Mountain View Fire Rescue
(303) 772-0710
pjohnson at mvfpd dot org

Chris Williams, 
Region 3 Director
Current term: 2021 - 2023
American Medical Response 
(720) 354-6501
christopher dot williams
at gmr dot net
Jeffery Force, 
Region 4 Director
Current term: 2022 - 2024
Memorial Hospital-UC Health
(719) 365-2006
jeff dot force at uchealth dot org
James Woodworth, 
Region 5 Director
Current term: 2021 - 2023
Summit Fire & EMS
(970) 668-5777
jwoodworth at
summitfire dot org
Brandon Chambers, 
Region 6 Director
Current term: 2022 - 2024
Southern Colorado RETAC
(719) 248-3978
scretac5 at gmail dot com
Mike Lening,
Region 7 Director:
Current term: 2021 - 2023
AMR Colorado
Jon Montano, 
Region 8 Director
Current term: 2022 - 2024
 (719) 587-5274
 slvretac at gmail dot com
Joel Claus, 
Region 9 Director 
Current term: 2021 - 2023
SW Colorado Health Care Coalition, 
Upper Pine River F.P.D.
coordinator at swchcc dot org
Daniel Barela, 
Region 10 Director
(Current term: 2022 - 2024)
Colorado Mesa University
Health Sciences Dept.
(970) 640-1024
dbarela223 at gmail dot com
Addy Marantino, 
Region 11 Director
Current term: 2021 - 2023)
Northwest Colorado RETAC
(970) 987-1043
northwest retac at gmail dot com
Richard Cornelius, 
(970)- 340-7037
rcornelius at roaringforkfire
dot org
Kimberly Whitten Chung
Colorado EMS Educators 
Association Representative
Pikes Peak Community College
Kimberly dot Whitten at ppcc dot edu
Randy Lesher, 
Past President
Thompson Valley EMS-retired












Committee Chairs

Tim Dienst, Advocacy
Ute Pass Regional Ambulance District
(719) 687-2291

Jason Kotas, Conference Chair
The Children's Hospital

jason dot kotas at childrenscolorado dot org

Brandon Chambers, Membership
Southern Colorado RETAC
(719) 248-3978
scretac5 at gmail dot com

Kim Schallenberger, Awards
Plains to Peak RETAC
(719) 344-5584

kschally at plainstopeak dot org


Liaisons and Representatives

CDPHE EMS System Sustainability Task Force
Sean Caffrey
Crested Butte Fire Protection District

CDPHE Ambulance Licensing Task Force

State Emergency Medical and Trauma Advisory Council (SEMTAC) Education Committee
Richard Cornelius
Roaring Fork Fire Rescue



To contact the staff call 303-317-6511 or email [email protected]

Don Knox, Executive Director
Susan Nolte, Finance Director
Mary Fitzgerald, Conference Director
Dani Korth, Senior Conference Planner

Julia Heitz, Membership Coordinator

Howard Paul, Communications
(303) 221-9400 - office, (303) 829-5678 - mobile
communications at emsac dot org