Group Purchasing Through Savvik

In addition to our other membership benefits, EMSAC partners with the Savvik Buying Group for group purchasing. Savvik represents more than 12,000 organizations in the United States. The company can can assist EMSAC members in saving time and money.

List of Savvik Group Buying vendors

Savvik recognizes your independence to buy from who you want, when you want, and they make sure that your freedom is paramount in its agreements. Many of these programs are already bid and awarded and you can simply link to the contract of your choice.

 As a non-profit, Savvik not only supports the industry with grants to help projects like Community Paramedicine and Benchmarking, but they share a portion of their process with the members who purchase from them. So every time that you are using a Savvik contract that helps save you time and money, you are supporting EMSAC as well. It is a real win, win for all involved.

Getting Started

Simply visit this page at You will create a login by clicking on the blue New User button in the upper right. Fill in the information on the page and submit. Once Savvik staff verifies your information and links you to EMSAC, Savvik will reach out with your login information. They will also walk you through the next steps to begin your savings right away.

If you have any questions, you can contact Mickey Schulte, Executive Director of Savvik, at [email protected], or call Savvik at 1-888-603-4426. They are here to help.

Please take advantage of this great opportunity to buy at discounted prices available through EMSAC membership.